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I am a UX-Designer and a former fashion designer with over six years in the design industry. I design experiences, services, and systems that create value, not only for the user but also from a business perspective.

My Story

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I am currently studying UX-Design. I am interested in designing meaningful experiences that shape how we interact with technology, but also aesthetics that elevate our lives and societies. I am constantly challenging myself in different design methods to learn and develop my skills.

I have previously worked as a fashion designer, and I have been in the design industry for the past six years. I have valuable experience from my previous job as a fashion designer that I will carry with me as a UX designer. I studied at Kingston University in London for four years and received a BA in fashion design.

Gothenburg is my hometown, and I live here with my best friends; my son, and my partner. I lose track of time when I hike over mountains, listen to the waves of the sea or eat food/desserts in new countries I explore. I love to cook, bake, play all kinds of games, listen to a true-crime podcast, and enjoy the outdoors.

I am currently looking for new opportunities and am open to fun side projects. Do not hesitate to call!

Me and my son
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Hiking - waterfall
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Bicycles in Värmland
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Me and my partner
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I love food
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Cakes cakes & cakes
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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


+4673-741 06 80

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